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We make your project save. Specialised Risk Assessments on a daily basis, Health&Safety consulting, set paramedics, ambulances, life guards, divers, fire guards. We specialise in tailored solutions for our clients so that your project is safe and runs smoothly. We provide services throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide. A wide range of reference projects is available in our portfolio.
With years of experience in different H&S related fields and special knowledge of the film and TV industry we offer exactly the quickly paced and well fitted service your set, production or event needs. Through our expertise and safety services we mitigate and control risks, keep liabilities in check and make your project a safer place for all that work in it. 
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The founder of SetMedic.Berlin has a long standing experience with Rescue Services as he himself is one of the professionals. He and his Team had been providing the services to Berlin and Brandenburg based film productions since 2011. We have experience with Film Studios (BUFA, Babelsberg) TV productions and external Locations Europe-wide. We are the first Set Medic Company to work under COVID19 and successfully finish Principal Photography. We specialise in providing both expertise in Health and Safety analysis as well as professionals on set for  Film Productions, Gaming Events and Music Events. 

Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.

Past projects:

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For a more complete list please visit our crew-united profile.

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